24 December 2007

"Lala" Land - ing

I am back in lala land. Honestly, it's where I feel my heart belongs - at least for now that's how it feels. It's been an exciting few days visiting old friends, new babies, discovering Postcard Tea's T is married (Congrats!!), knowing there are people out there genuinely missing my lovely baking creations.
That feels just so good....

I cannot wait for my Christmas baking session at O's. (thank you thank you). Sleepless nights (partly jet-lag, partial excitement of Christmas baking) has kept me up in my cosy warm bed and now I am blogging away at 9am on a Christmas eve! Hehe....
Did my grocery shopping at my favourite W, cutting our snowflakes icing and later on today visit LCB, Borough market and using a brandnew oven (honestly I feel so honoured) to kickstart Christmas baking!!!

Also, I had a fantastic day yesterday. It's been the longest of time I had felt so happy (from within) with simple pleasures in life...let's hope I start to have more of days like these in the coming new year!

With this, I end this entry today by thanking MC and Fook for all the "tips", encouragement, teasing and shaking their heads in disbelief that I sent my grocery list on email (coupled with a text to say, read email)...enough said!

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