20 November 2007

Life is not a bed of roses

When you have to make the right decision, sometimes "right" metamorphoses itself.

What's right in your heart might not be right to the head. And sometimes, the math just does not add up.

(in more ways than one!)

Thoughts have been racing through my mind, causing insomnia most nights, only aided by foot massages that you can get for not very much money over here in HK (I swear they really help you to sleep better at night and nothing is worth more than a good night's sleep). However, when daybreak comes, I hardly action on those thoughts.

This, frustrates me immensely. It's almost too large an inertia - way too big for me to handle and manage, that's weighing down on me....it makes me tired, lifeless and lethargic.

Yet somehow I am struggling so hard to keep afloat, to feel alive, to maintain this mindless existence of nothingness and triviality.

I am seeking the simple pleasures in life - contentment and happiness. And so far, lady luck has not been with me. Often the simplest things are the most difficult to obtain, which is why we much rather focus on the complicated, hoping the simple "goes away", but really it does not.

Atlas! I am generally optimistic and am still waiting for that fairytale, that 童話故事 to happen.

What does not kill, only makes you stronger.

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