21 January 2008

童話故事 - my story

Good things eventually happen to good people and happy positive people attract! THAT's a fact...I attest to it.
Cliche as it might sound but you have to truly believe in it for it to happen to you! And all I can say is, I am so glad I was always hopeful and never gave up!

So what's the story then?

It all began with a "casual date" to the British Museum to see the terracotta warriors! (who said museums were boring?). Then there was Christmas baking and NYe cooking...the rest is history!

Of course, a lot of encouragement from those around me helped (thank you Fook, MC, Linda, EK, Leons + Keens) but most importantly, I am glad for O to let me into his life and share the times that are coming ahead of us!

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