10 January 2007

What happened to New Year, New resolutions?

2007 - this is supposedly a new year. New year, new beginnings, everything new! However, strangely, I do not seem to have a feeling of newness. Embracing the new year with new hopes, renewed optimism and all the fanciful stuff was the deal!!
What happened?


As much as I am acutely aware of the privileged position I am in; to have these many options opened to me (work/start a business/location/travels etc. etc.) I am extremely bothered by the uncertainty it has brought upon me. I've learnt to be a lot calmer than I was before(or is it what we call "bochap") and can that be a good thing?

Singapore hardly feels like home. I used to get that feeling of pride and happiness everytime the plane touches down on the Changi runway, seeing rows and rows of neatly planted trees, this artificially created garden city with the towering HDB flats in the background. It felt comforting and reassuring.

However, somewhere along the way, that feeling has disappeared. I no longer feel I belong here. In fact, I feel caught between two time zones: the time when I left Singapore at the age of 19 to study at the LSE and now some good number of years later, where London has been my home. Somehow, to me, Singapore was where those hazy childhood memories were established. London - was the beginning of the real adult life.
How am I to bridge the gap them? I'm finding it extremely difficult.

03 January 2007

The Search is on...
"...with my one foot in and my one foot out..."

Yes - after toying around with flour, eggs, sugar and butter for a good few months, throwing in a couple of trips around Asia and Europe, it's time to face the real world again.

What is the real world exactly? A job? Or facing up to the fact that living in London alone, is actually quite a lonely prospect? So what's the deal?(the latest of my grand plan) I've decided I want a change of scenery and yes! I'm heading to Hong Kong.

The BIG question is: AM I READY FOR THIS?

Life is about weighing up what we lose and what we gain. At different point in our lives we crave for different things. Some things that were very important before, become less so now.
London has been home for so long. I miss my flat every single day I'm away. I miss the familiar oven, the gym, the markets and pretty much everything else. I never get enough of this city that I've called home for such a long time. My wonderful wonderful flat. It's truly beautiful and I cannot tell you how much I've grown to be attached to it.

As much as I'll miss London, the flat and all the things that come along with it, the adventure to HK I must say is truly exciting.

Setting up a new home, new faces, new challenges, new wants/needs...another adventure in my life story!
Who knows what might be in store?