25 June 2007

Way back into Love(ing London!!!)

36 hours later...back in HK right now and incredibly jetlagged. Despite having a very taxing week ahead of me, I am unable to get to sleep!!! This is extremely fustrating considering I am not such a good traveller at all.

This trip back to London made me realise something: I feel so much more at home there. I sensed ZERO fustration despite the numerous inefficiencies that were presented along the way. I sort of just plonked on and enjoyed the quirkiness of it all.

Met up with many friends and just spent most part of my time enjoying London/walking around, sleeping, resting, eating....as I have always said: I fall in love with London all over again once Summer arrives.

Of course there were awkward moments to be had: meeting The Ex with his new +1 was definitely not something I will say made a good welcome back to London dinner! But the girls have been very supportive and oh! How can I forget the wonderful dinner with had at Lucianos. Mucking about, gossiping about bad dress sense (Wah? So well dressed today ah? And that was BAD! ).


I see HK as an adventure and let's see what I get out of it. If not, I guess soon I'll be heading back to London I'm afraid.