25 April 2008

Week 5 and going strong (ish)

It's the fifth week into my course in LCB and having been ill pretty much since I moved back to London (norovirus, arthritic wrist and a bad bad bout of flu) it's been one steep learning curve at culinary school!

How quickly time has passed and as I churn out two types of sweet creations most weeks, my ever-expanding waistline is indeed taking the hit! Of course, I resist eating everything I make and readily give it out to my dear friends (A+S, MC+Fook) and of course, my dearest darling Ongster has been a obliging guinea pig as well. It helps he REALLY likes his pastry and has no inclination to any sort of weight gain - ever!!!!

Today's an especially long day with a 9am start and only having finished with the technical demonstration of the Chestnut Charlottte by Chef Pascal at 9pm - it was a full 12 hour day. Luckily Ongster came all the way t o LCB to get me on the car as I would not have imagined how it would have felt liked if I had to drag myself and all my barang home on the Tube.
The transport system in London is becoming a bit of a joke recently and there is no one day that I do not get some sort of hidcup to my commuting journey from Gun Wharf!

We get our mid-term grading next week and I am really anxious to know how I've done so far! Let's hope all is well and on track.

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