27 February 2008

Last Day in Hong Kong and the minutes are ticking by...

The sun's shining very brightly today, as I made my last mini bus journey from CWB to work. And as the bus meandered along Garden Road I stared and took in HK at it's finest.

A clear cool day seeing these towering blocks reflect the sunlight as they creep up onto you, a sense of buzz and excitement went through my veins. This feeling is strangely familiar - very similar to the day I touched down in Hong Kong not too long ago!

Things I've grown to miss of HK : massages, usual group of friends, the abundant taxis, chinese herbalists, Central Market, GREAT, Pacific Place, Far Yuen market in Mongkok...and countless more that my overloaded brain cannot take in for the moment.

I've truly adopted this transient city as a place I've known and lived in. It's quirky corners, the issues/things people are obsessed of in this country...countless really!

Who knows? I might be back to live in this country in the very near future!! Let's see what fate brings....