19 March 2007

It's getting real ... the move to HK

Okay - I have to admit, I am beginning to feel scared now. Most of my stuff is gone, true friends like MC, FH, Cx, A&Lip have been very encouraging and helpful in more ways than one. I really am lucky to have them as friends. When do true friends come by in your life? Not very often at all.
I have been re-assured that if there was any hint of sadness or unhappiness I am subjected to in HK, I should retreat right away back to London.
It's good to know I will be missed. Just like Anna had said: "There are many things you will miss of London but at the same time, there are many things in London that will be missing of you."

There is hardly any time to left to think about the sadness I feel inside me. More of going through the motions of making the move possible and as painless as possible: last minute frantic packings, leaving dinners, last goodbyes, dealing with the mundane things of getting my flat sold etc etc. At the same time, the hint of excitement of moving in to a new city. I think it's the uncertainty that's giving me the kick...
I await to the new beginnings in HK

02 March 2007

Nasi Lemak parrty ... sedap?

I had a really simple nasi lemak party for my Malaysian gang last night as part of the dinner party series I was hosting in the run-up to my leaving of London for HK.
Due to a series of mishaps and delay in paperwork, it is likely my move to HK will not happen on the 15th March hence, more fustrations and more uncertainties regarding my living arrangements in HK!!! How very very annoying...note: inefficiencies of the corporate world...here it goes again!

As usual the wonderful company of new and old friends made it an incredible evening. There were 8 of us at the dinner and I had to cook 7 cups of rice! My my...the nasi lemak certainly went down well with the crowd!

We had: nasi lemak (all the trimmings of sambal belachan, ikan bilis, telur, teeboon) together with ayam curry. We finished the meal with sago gula melaka and green tea with adzuki bean mousse cake!

Yummy!! Was a shame that Ong could not join us and we had a last-minute cancellation from Cynthia! =(
She's not been feeling her best since she came back from HK...hope she's feeling better now!

That was the wonderful but sad evening I had....to be reminded that this is the life I will be leaving behind in London. All my friends, dinner parties and stuff like that!