06 December 2006

Good communication, is it a new language?

How strange it is that in this day and age, where everything is so technologically advanced: PSPs, PS3, wifi, wireless, MSN, Skype, ipods (and of course the mobile!) and who knows what else, to keep us in the loop; to keep us in contact with our peers, but have we lost the ability to communicate in the most basic way - talking face to face?

Is it a new language that should be taught in schools? Do people now actually communicate as effectively as they want to with all these new gadgets, designed to aid communication?
In the past, if u wanted to let someone know something, u called them to tell them. Or you had to go see them. It's a planned move. It takes conscious effort. It takes effort, period.

Now, with MSN and Skype, you can type off endlessly, say (type) what you don't mean - communicate badly that is.

Blame it on technoligy that we get to hide and conceal our feelings behind them all.

I like talking on the phone to know how one's doing. You get to heard the breathing, the tone of the voice, the pauses, the words - everything really. But of course, does not beat talking face to face. Hence the need to see some of our friends to catch up and find out how one's really doing from time to time. I realised it is a luxury to be able to do it if especially our friends are all spread out throughout different parts of this world. Again, I know I've been fortunate enough to be able to do so from time to time.

For now, technology is helpful and is as good as it gets.