12 September 2006

Seeing is believing...

Another successful attempt with the charsiew recipe. This time I've decided to let you see for yourselves as I've had numerous email/MSN requests about "proving" the competency of my charsiew. (Okay - I admit. It's ONE query on how to get the "char" in addition to numerous tasting queries from my good old friends here in London).

This last photo is symbolic in the sense that it shows how the char siew was enjoyed. We had "lou meen" (MY style) with the char siew...

BUT more importantly this picture also serves to remind me that once again, this is the life of The Blessed One and on this occasion, I had another Blessed being sharing this joy with me. Her name is Leons...lalalala....

BTW, somebody gave up the privilege of having this char siew. I shall not tell you who that is. (This, you might think is entirely pointless to blog about or even mention, but as the title of the blog states, it serves to remind me...blah blah blah. So you have to read about it unfortunately - whether you like it or not)

08 September 2006

Women are like raspberries, Men are like strawberries...(or rather the other way round)

During my very first holiday since living the life 0f The Blessed One, I visited a PYO farm called Grays Farm and had a very interesting obervation : women are like raspberries, men are like strawberries.

I shared this with M (my perfect travelling partner; sadly she's left for the greener pastures called home) and we both thought it was something we should share with all women in the world.

So why are women like raspberries? In the PYO farm, the raspberries grew abound. They were plentiful, clustered (aka cliquish) and as they were in season, they were pretty much "in your face". It was simple, in fact almost predictable as to which ones were going to taste fabulous and which ones would spoil the punnet. It was all clear and easy to see.

However, when we went on to pick the strawberries (Milan variety) we quickly discovered that they were few and far between, especially the ripe ones. The strawberries were not easy to spot (since strawberry plants are very low-lying) and hidden amongst all the leaves. We had to search really really hard to find ONE good fruit. Often, it involves concentrating and observing and lots of back-breaking hard work of bending over ! (hahah...) BUT I must say: the results are definitely worth it!