07 May 2007


Friends back in London call me weekly for an update (thank you MC!) and I miss them far too much to like it here in HK really!
However, I think I do owe them something at least - to let them know I have been etc. etc.

Well, life's been treating me just okay (despite missing them faar too much and missing London too!)

So last week, a visit from Hoh, coupled with an action-packed boat trip to 大潭 (DAI TAM) - trying out wakeboarding (hehe! managed to get up and stay on the very first attempt...oh how smug am I!), then dinner at this great local place in 北角 followed by a quick drink at JJs with Ro, L-Net, P and SC then nipping off to Hei Hei to meet M&M.

I was exhausted!

Some pictures from that very crazy Saturday...