31 March 2008

One week into LCB and post-Easter break...

How quickly time passes when you spend most days at home.
You wake up at a leisurely time in the mornings (after sending O off to work), decide to have a nibble for breakfast, make myself a cuppa, settle down in front of the computer and surf/chat on the internet before deciding what's cooking for dinner tonight!
And today we're having lotus root soup, roast pork (烧肉),garlic stir fry 豆苗 and foo yong eggs with shrimp and peas.
The soup's on the stove now and happily boiling away...O loves his cantonese food especially soup so I try to 煲汤 as much as I possibly can.

Easter break was spent in North Devon around the areas of the Exmoor National Park. It is such a lovely part of the West Country and we had such a great and relaxing time there. Doing just the right amount of stuff, leisurely breakfasts, walks, a spot of fishing and lots of good local pub food.
I will load up pictures of the break shortly! When I can get my camera SD card to work that is!

But here's one that Arf's kindly taken in the grounds of Sir Napier Charless inn where we had a Good Friday luncheon in Oxfordshire, onroute to Devon.

One week into the course in LCB and so far, it's been fairly leisurely (the cooking, not the travelling) but the whole schedule of rush hour on the ELW bus, DLR, tube and then finally a good hearty 10 minute walk from Bond Street to LCB does take its toll on me and I was so tired after the first week! We enjoyed a huge portion of fruit salad (that was part of knife skills and sugar temperatures class) and the end of the week. Also we completed the demonstrations of the basic patisserie (creme anglaise, creme patisserie, creme chiboust, creme mousseline, creme chantilly - basically all derivatives of french cream fillings) and will be preparing them this Wednesday!!! Lots of creamy pastries to come.

I haven't got any photos to show of my creations yet but I am certain it's not for long with the number of classes I'll soon be having!

Also, cannot to wait to share with you guys the nice and tasty Eaton (Ong's) Mess O made!!! Yummmy.....

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