12 March 2008

La-la Land so far...

It's been close to 2 weeks since I got back to Lala land and things have been going fairly smoothly. I've settled into O's cosy pad, suffered from a week-long's worth of norovirus (aka projectile vomiting virus -ouch!), went to LCB to collect my uniform and equipment, cooked and attempting to feed O well.

I must say I am fairly happy with the progress! Though there is still more unpacking to be done and I am not FULLY settled in yet but these things take time and I guess I have been far too anxious to want to get it done and dusted. BUT we've even booked a Easter holiday break! So I guess that isn't all too bad given I have only been back for a forthnight or so.

We've even hosted our first dinner for friends - had Foo-Morley over and we're due to have A & S over as well for dinner next week! So cannot wait really!!!!

O's been very good - nursing me back to good health (read: appetite) whilst I was ill, taking me grocery shopping (my fav past time), new mattress shopping ; just everything to make settling into his pad a little easier.

I cannot help to think that I am one lucky girl!!!!! Let's see what's cooking for dinner tonight ??

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